Oil and Filter Change

We at Cutting Edge Automotive Technologies Inc want you to know that oil is the life blood of your engine. It is the only thing that stands between your engine running for hundreds of thousands of miles and the utter self-destruction of the engine. All the parts that make an engine run actually “float” on a layer of oil. When the layer of oil breaks down, so does the engine.

Regular oil and filter changes are required to keep the “blood” of your engine in top lubricating condition. With today’s oil change intervals becoming further apart, it is critical that the oil and filter be changed on time to make sure that it can handle all the stresses placed on it when you drive. Especially driving around Winnipeg! Not only does oil lubricate your engine, it keeps the engine interior clean, keeps moisture from corroding parts, and removes heat from critical areas in the engine.

Over time the oil’s ability to do its job decreases, resulting in increased engine wear, sludge build up and other nasty things. Another item to consider is that though engines are designed not to, some oil can be used and burned in even a perfectly running engine. With oil change intervals being over 5,000 kilometers apart, this burning of oil can use up some of the oil making what is left work even harder. Worse case scenario the oil level can get so low that your engine will starve for oil causing internal damage.

Cutting Edge Automotive Technologies Inc knows how critical it is to have the oil changed in your vehicle especially as you drive around Winnipeg. So, we go above and beyond what other shops in Winnipeg do to get you back in time and mileage. We calculate your actual miles driven a day and based on the recommended type of oil your vehicle needs, print a sticker that is placed on your windshield to tell you when it is time to return. We also set a “soft appointment” for your next oil change and send you a reminder via text. If you rather have your oil changed more often than the manufacturers’ recommendations because it’s your “baby”, we at Cutting Edge Automotive Technologies Inc will make that happen. All you need to do is ask. Remember, Cutting Edge Automotive Technologies Inc is your service destination in Winnipeg for complete automotive service.

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