Comments From, Len C:

“I have been going to Cutting Edge since 1995. I have never had any problem with this service center. I trust the people working here and know that I will not get ripped off for any work that does not have to be done. Ted treats me and I believe all his customers like family. This service center is at one end of the City and I live at the other end. I will drive this great distance or even have a tow truck haul my vehicle the distance because of the trust worthy service that I get.”


Comments From, William S:

“I come to you because I trust you work. There may be lower priced service shops, but I feel you give me trustworthy service. Thank you”


Comments From, Ryan K-M:

Ted and Ted Jr. are a great team and make me and other clients feel welcomed and valued. They know how to fix an oversight and compensate when this happens. I will be bringing as many people to them as I can.


Comments From, Mark J:

Ted and his staff are very professional. They have always treated me with respect and acted in a professional manner. The reason for this visit was an unscheduled emergency, as my car was running poorly and I was travelling out-of-town by car the next morning. It was already 3:30 pm, but Ted had my car taken in and tested immediately. I was away the next day, so Ted called my wife when the service work was completed and also delivered my car to my home. When I arrived home that evening, it was in my driveway. Ted and his crew go above and beyond and I would not hesitate to highly recommend them!


Comments From, Victor E:

“The service at Cutting Edge is by far superior to any place I have been and I would recommend them (and have) to my friends and anyone else I come across. They are friendly, professional, and know their business. They always make time for me when I drop in unannounced. They also have a shuttle service to drive me home and pick me up in scheduled repairs. I doubt if there is anyone that can exceed their level of service.”


Comments From, Willy D:

“I came to Cutting Edge with an ABS problem. They couldn’t diagnose it immediately but did find the problem eventually. I had the same problem on the other wheel last summer and took it to a dealership. They charged me about $170 more than Cutting Edge did and I was very pleased to see that. Consequently, I will come back for future services.”